Crane Kits


Carrying capacities: up to 10 t

J.D. Neuhaus offers for crane manufacturer crane kits with pneumatic drives.

Explosion Protection

Classification: Ex II 2 GD IIA T4(X) / II 3 GD IIB T4(X)
Higher classification on request.


JDN Crane Kits

for explosion-proof air cranes

Carrying capacities: up to 10 t

With these crane kits overhead travelling cranes up to 10 t capacity can be built very simply and economically especially for applications in hazardous areas.

The crane manufacturer provides the main girder and JDN delivers all the components that are necessary to built an air powered crane in various packages:

  • end carriages with pneumatic drives
  • energy feeding systems
  • safety accessories
  • and of course the appropriate air hoist with trolley.

The following examples illustrate two tailor-made solutions:

Telescopic crane with transfer to a suspension crane

A spark proof suspension crane equipped with a telescopic beam has transfer points to three neighbouring crane installations. With extended telescope the load can be handed over to the corresponding transfer zone in one of three adjacent halls where again bridge cranes are operating. Wrong operation can be recognised and the corresponding crane movements can be automatically stopped in time.

Suspension crane with traverse trolley

In this case the crane trolley must regularly transfer from the stationary branch line to the crane bridge exactly positioned in front of the branch line. After realised crane travelling the load can be delivered at different points. In this installation a semi-automatic positioning device was introduced: When near the transfer point the command for positioning is given the crane bridge automatically goes into right position. The crane bridge and the crane trolley can only move if the correct system status is released. Because of the extremely reduced space an Ultra Low Trolley was chosen.