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Transformers Elhand Transformatory produces dry type single-phase and three-phase transformers that have a number of industrial applications. These include ship transformers, converter transformers, transformers for mining, medical and railway applications. All these products can be used in harsh operating conditions.
Innovative design solutions allow us to produce transformers meeting the requirements of our customers. Use the latest technologies and materials produced by leading European manufacturers can meet the high standards of quality and reliability. Supplied transformers are devices friendly to use, simple to install and requiring no additional maintenance activities during the operation. We produce transformers based on individual agreements and unique customer specifications.


Chokes Single-phase and three-phase chokes with iron core produced by Elhand Transformatory are ideal for harsh operating conditions in numerous industrial applications. They are used in systems with capacitors batteries as smoothing chokes or filtering chokes. They also operate as shunt reactors to compensate capacitive reactive power of power lines or as limiting chokes that reduce the value of short-circuit currents. They may also operate as limiting chokes that limit the steepness of voltage rise du/dt or current rise di/dt. The use of modern components and technologies in the manufacturing process combined with innovative design solutions, can meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. The introduction of standardization of production, simple and ergonomic solutions make the devices user-friendly, easy to install and requiring no additional maintenance during the operation. We produce chokes according to the individual customer's specifications.


Filters In currently used frequency converters the switching frequency of transistors reaches the value 15 kHz. In these converters most commonly used is modern IGBT transistors with is characterized by very short switching time. This results in high steepness of voltage du / dt at the inverter output. This may cause the appearance of waves effects in the cables supplying the motor, causing dangerous voltage rise on motor terminals, the occurrence of surges and the associated aging of insulation. Application at the inverter output of the appropriate filter enables obtaining the relevant sinusoidal currents and voltages, while significantly reducing the current flowing into the motor housing and protective conductor PE. When selecting the filter parameters it is important to take into consideration that the phase shift of currents and voltages before and after the filter should be as small as possible. If this requirement is not met than impossible will be the proper operation of inverter drive system for example in systems with flux-oriented control systems and with direct control of motor torque (DTC inverters).

DC Power Suppliers

DC Power Suppliers Single - phase DC supplies produced by our company are used in applications in which DC voltage is required.
Depending on customer needs, we design and manufacture single-phase DC power supplies (single- and double-pulse) and three-phase (three-, six- and twelve-pulse). The quality of the output voltage (current) depends on the number of pulses. In order to improve output data, we also offer power supplies with an additional smoothing circuit (DC power supplies with reduced ripple factor).

Special Devices

Special Devices Special equipment produced by our company are generally designed for modern power converters. This group of products covers various products such as: transformers with integrated choke, multi-windings transformers, starting autotransformers, transformers and supply modules for IT networks for medical locations, electroheat systems for curring of concrete.
We also manufacture water cooled transformers and chokes and cast resin products.
Depending on your requirements, we can make our products with tailored dimensions and technical solutions such as: transformers changing the number of phases; transformers with Scott connection, transformers with V-connection or transformers five leg cores.


Accessories Products manufactured by ELHAND Transformatory can be installed in various enclosures and equipped with different kind of accessories.
Normally we use enclosures with degrees of protection IP23, IP44 and IP54. They are made of steel sheet with powder paint RAL 7032. After mutual agreement we can design and produce other types of enclosures
Our products can be equipped with additional elements such as sockets, breakers, protective devices, indicators, isolators, vibration isolators.