Oil Spill recovering products


Expandi has two manufacturing centers, in Sweden and Spain respectively, both of which design and develop a wide range of oil booms and containment equipment. If you are uncertain regarding what kind of oil containment boom you should use, do not hesitate to contact to our experienced stuff, who will give you the best support and advices for your interest.


Expandi has developed a wide range of associated products to be used not only with our oil containment booms. but also those from other manufacturers. If you require a reel to recover or deploy any kind of booms, - a hydraulic power pack to be at the center of any oil spill response operation, - a skimmer to recover the oil spilled, - a tank to temporally store the recovered product, - or any other accessory, then you should contact the Expandi staff for advice. Our experienced personnel will guide and help you get the best equipment for your needs.


Sorbents are an excellent tool for controlling leaks and spills, and contributes to maintaining control and safety during the storage and manipulation of fluids. Expandi sorbents products will also help you meet and exceed the ISO 14001 classification of your company.


The Expandi Drain blockers devices can be positioned over or into a storm drain creating a positive seal and preventing any spilled contaminants from entering storm sewers and receivivng waters. They are flexible, as they are made with fabric, thus they guarantee a perfect seal the ground or road surface.  Drain Blockers are very easy to use, offering a secure and reliable seal. They may be washed and reused.