Traditionally, KABOLA makes the best oil-fueled for commercial shipping and pleasure boating.
Central heating or stand-alone stoves which create the necessary direct warmth and homely cosines. KABOLA is available at various sorts and sizes.
Depending on your requirements and situation.
Do you choose direct or central heating?
Do you have electricity on board?
Do you require heating or also warm tap water?

The new, innovative energy efficient heating system is compact and shows the best environmental values. It is best qualified to be installed on yachts. 30% reduction in electrical power consumption.

KB 20 – 6.5–8.5 kW
KB 30 – 8.5–11.0 kW
KB 40 – 10.5–13.0 kW
KB 45 – 13.5–22.5 kW
KB 50 – 19.0–26.0 kW
KB 75 – 26.0–41.0 kW